What happens when society can’t fulfil the needs of the population? Project Tsunami.

In 2074, the world is heading for disaster. A terrible sacrifice is going to be made by governments around the world. Yet, what if the ‘sacrificed’ don’t want to accept their fate?

What begins as a mandatory Life Skills course soon becomes conscription into World War Four. Mati Hunter and her peers are sent to Australia as ‘support staff’ for the army, believing they’re fighting for their country. However, when they discover the truth behind the war, a death sentence named Project Tsunami, they unwittingly create a rebel army. This rebel army has only one mission: to live.

The first novel in a three-part trilogy, Project Tsunami is the beginning of an epic battle to stay alive, in a world that has already signed their death certificates.

PLEASE NOTE, Project Tsunami does not currently have representation from a publisher or agent. This site is to promote the novel independently. I hope you enjoy it!

© Nikki Dudley


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