Choose a character name in my novel!

Hello everyone!

What’s in a name?

Do you want to contribute to a novel but you don’t have time to write one? Never fear… I’ve decided to run a little competition for you lovely people to name a character in the third installment of The Project trilogy.

The only thing I have decided about this character is that they are going to be over the age of eighteen. The novel is set in 2075, in case that influences your choice. Their nationality is not important – perhaps you can help me with that when you suggest a name! Extra points for a first name and a surname.

If your name gets chosen and used, AND the book is one day published in any form, you will receive a nice thank you in the acknowledgements. So get your thinking caps on and COMMENT BELOW… (All you need to do to comment is provide an email address and name so the blog knows it’s not spam, but you don’t have to display any info you choose not to).

Thanks all. Let the naming ceremony begin!


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