I want to say thanks to the following people for all their help with Project Tsunami so far…

Richard Hiblen for telling me all about natural energy and answering my stupid questions. Despite the fact that I have used my creative licence as I please, it’s good that I had some background from a natural energy guru to inspire ideas.

Joe Ruddock for being my first reader and providing the criticism which was difficult, but also necessary. Nothing would get written without your support and I can’t thank you enough.

Martin Ruddock for providing an emotional read of the redraft and always being eager to hear about the novel.

Simon Mead for reading the entire thing and giving me step-by-step comments, which went above and beyond the call of duty. I think it’s a better book because of it.

Trini Decombe for reading and providing good feedback, especially focussing on my inconsistencies and international language usage!

For my other readers, who have given up their time to read the novel in part or full… Nicky Berge, Juliette Batdan Hills, Sam-Sam Baroot, Kat Markoullis.

Morgen Bailey for doing a fantastic job editing it. Thanks for pointing out my excessive uses of certain words and phrases, plus questioning my plot details, and providing an emotional response all at once. 

Paul Till for making me countless PDFs so I could share the novel with readers.

Lastly, to all my family and friends who keep asking me about it. It keeps me going because if I’m not a writer, I’m not sure what I am.




If you have any queries, questions, or general thoughts, you are welcome to contact me on nikkisdudley [at]


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